„Help, my dog's leaking!“

The perfect solution for incontinent dogs:

Piccobello dog diapers

piccobello - the washable dog diapers

Piccobello dog diapers solve a big hygienic problem. Our diapers are machine-washable and suitable for tumble drying. They are easy to put on and fit perfectly. A pad firmly stitched to the interior of the diaper absorbs urine or blood. The soft and supple viscose jersey adapts to your dog’s body and gives piccobello dog diapers a perfect fit.
Piccobello >> male dog diapers / nappies and >> female dog diapers / nappies are available
for dogs of all kinds of breeds.
Your dog will thank you!

At last a clean floor again!
Piccobello dog diapers are:
• made of high quality viscose jersey
• effective thanks to an absorbent fixed textile pad
• washable hot cycle, suitable for tumble drying
• soft and breathable
• small and convenient for traveling
• also for dogs in season
• comfort for you and your dog
piccobello dog nappies

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