With Anti-Leak Barrier - Comfort-pads for large dog diapers

Product number: 1370

Comfort dog pads with anti-leak barrier using Airlaid technique for large piccobello diapers are extremely absorbent, dry and skin-friendly. They prevent unpleasant smells. One package contains 30 pads.

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Comfort-dog-pads with anti-leak barrier for large piccobello dog diapers / nappies

The piccobello comfort-pad is a comfortable additional inlay in case of very strong incontinence. It is extremely absorbent, dry and skin-friendly. The additional anti-leak barrier offers extra protection especially at night.

The special Airlaid technique allows for fast absorption. The surface of the dog pad remains comfortably dry and protects your dog's skin. The anti-leak barrier prevents penetration in case of huge sudden urine loss. If the comfort-pad is placed in the pocket provided a special high-tech material ensures that the liquid spreads over a longer period of time into the entire diaper. It can also be recommended for dogs which are sensitive, paralyzed, or after medical surgery.

The comfort-pad increases the absorbing capacity of the piccobello dog diaper / nappy by 135 ml.

If different types of additional pads are posed in one diaper the comfort pad with anti-leak barrier should be placed at the bottom.

Because the urine is encapsulated into the gel packets there are no unpleasant odors.

The dog pads keep their form and do not clump.


Insert the comfort pad at the red edge of the piccobello dog diaper forming a pocket and fix the pad here by using the provided tuck-in inside the pocket. So the sanitary pad stays where it should - and even two or more of them combined.

They fit perfectly with the the large piccobello diapers / nappies, both with the belly bands for male and with the pants for female dogs.

One package contains 30 dog pads for one month.


  • Comfortable Airlaid - pads
  • With additional anti-leak barrier
  • For large piccobello diapers / nappies
  • Absorption capacity: 245 ml (iso) / 135 ml (mds)
  • Size: 11 x 17 cm / 4.3 x 6.7 inches
  • Package contains 30 pads