Orthopaedic Dog Beds in a Set-of-3

Product number: 1713

The piccobello orthopaedic dog beds in a set of 3, ideal for dogs with several beds. They protect the joints and prevent calluses. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Optionally with separately insertable incontinence protection. Size: 100 x 70 cm

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Orthopaedic Dog Beds in a Set-of-3

The piccobello orthopaedic dog beds in a practical set of 3 are ideal for dogs that have several beds. They protect the joints, prevent bedsores and are especially suitable for dogs that lie a lot or require special care.

The mattress itself is made of a light, air-permeable and load-bearing material. Due to its open structure, it does not absorb moisture or dirt and is optimally ventilated and hygienic. That's why the orthopaedic dog beds are also ideal for allergy sufferers.

Due to the net structure of the top and bottom of the mattress, there is no full contact of the dog’s body with the surface and the weight of the dog is evenly distributed. Standing spacer threads inside support the dog's body and protect the joints. Because of its excellent characteristics, this high-tech material is also used in human medicine.

The pleasantly fluffy cover fabric consists of breathable and diffusion-open microfiber with a dense, high pile. It quickly absorbs moisture from the dog’s fur, also in case of incontinence, and dries very quickly.

An insertable incontinence protection for incontinence in dogs is also available. It consists of a 100% waterproof, very light PU membrane, which is inserted between mattress and cover.

The fabric cover has a practical zipper, can be easily removed, is machine washable at 60 °C (hot cycle) and suitable for tumble drying. The mattress itself can easily be rinsed in the bathtub.

The piccobello orthopaedic dog beds can be used on both sides and are very durable.

Super light, flat and foldable, the piccobello dog beds are also ideal as mobile dog beds when travelling.

All advantages of the piccobello orthopaedic dog beds from piccobello at a glance:

  • Extremely load-bearing, prevents bedsores, protects the joints

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers, hygienic, ventilated, mattress absorbs neither dirt nor moisture

  • Super light, suitable for travelling, foldable, usable on both sides

  • Very flat and without any edge, accessible from all sides

  • Durable

  • Optional with an insertable waterproof pad for incontinence in dogs

  • Fabric cover highly absorbent and fast-drying, washable hot cycle at 60°C, mattress rinseable

  • Size: 100 x 70 cm / 40 x 27.5 inches

  • Contents: 3 pieces


Length: 100cm / 40 inches
Width: 70cm / 27.5 inches
Height: 2cm / 0,8 inches

Appropriate products

Cover with or without incontinence pad


Cover fabric : Microfibre terry cloth MICRO LOOP 100% PES Weight : 400g/m2 11,8oz/yard²
Mattress : 3mesh® Spacer 100% PES Thickness : 20mm Weight : 1200g/m2 35oz/yard²
Incontinence pad: Waterproof membrane SOFT SATIN 60% PES 40%PU Weight : 140g/m2 4oz/yard²


Cover and incontinence pad : Machine washable up to 60 °C (hot cycle). Hand washing possible, wash periodically hot cycle.
Tumble dry or air drying.
Do not use fabric softeners. They will reduce the absorbing capacity
Do not bleach. Chlorine detergents harm the waterproof membrane.
Do not iron
Mattress : Rinse in bathtub.

Washing icon 60°C Tumble drying icon Icon do not bleach Icon do not iron