Dog diapers for small male dogs Set-of-6

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Set of 6 dog diapers / nappies for small male dogs from 7 kg to 25 kg (15.4 lbs to 55.1 lbs) made from soft viscose jersey. The belly bands for dogs are absorbent and breathable! Washable at 60°C (hot cycle) and suitable for tumble drying.

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Dog diapers / nappies for small male dogs Set-of-6

The piccobello dog diapers / nappies are washable dog belly bands that have especially been designed for male dogs suffering from urinary incontinence.

Made from soft and supple viscose jersey they contain a tightly stitched double fleeced inlay.
The diapers / nappies absorb approx. 40 ml of liquid. In case of stronger incontinence you may addionally insert >> sanitary pads for strong incontinence into the pocket integrated into the diapers.
Piccobello dog diapers are washable hot cycle at 60°C and suitable for tumble drying.

The anatomically shaped part of the diaper leaves extra space for the genitals. The breathable cloth allows enough aeration preventing excessive heat and reducing the risk of infection.

Its curved shape insures piccobello dog diapers' perfect fit for all kinds of breeds. They have been especially adapted to male dogs' anatomy and are fixed by simply tying to the dog's body.

Due to the soft and supple material your dog barely feels the diapers / nappies and is not constrained in his agility. Our diapers are generally well accepted by all dogs.

Thanks to the special cut of the piccobello dog diapers / nappies it is hardly perceivable to your canine friend.

For male dogs from 7 kg to approx. 25 kg (15.4 lbs to 55.1 lbs)
Abdominal girth (please measure the narrowest part of the waist) up to approx. 50 cm (19.7 inches)

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Your dog is smaller or lighter?
We custom design for no extra-charge!

The piccobello dog diapers / nappies for male dogs are:

  • Soft and supple
  • Absorbent and breathable
  • Easy to use
  • Machine-washable and suitable for tumble drying
  • Small, handy and ideal for travel

With a >> set of 9 piccobello dog diapers / nappies you'll be perfectly equipped:

7 dog belly bands for the days of the week plus 2 for the washing days.