Large dog/cat incontinence pad (100 x 70)

Product number: 1421

Dog/cat incontinence pad protects the resting place of your pet. The pad is composed of an absorbent microfiber on the upper side and of a waterproof membrane underneath. Machine-washable hot cycle at 60°C and dryer-proof. Size: 100 x 70 cm

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Large dog/cat incontinence pad / mat for all resting places

The piccobello incontinence pads for cats and dogs are highly absorbent and waterproof protective underlays for the dog basket, bed or sofa of your cat or dog – basically anywhere your pet likes to rest!

They are ideal as a supplement to dog diapers to provide additional protection for your dog’s usual resting places. They offer security when used during diaper free times, e.g. in rest periods, at night, for sick or immobile dogs or in cases of fecal incontinence.

The highly absorbent large incontinence pad is a perfect and appealing solution to protect your upholstery, sofa and bed from cat urine. You can remove the smell of cat urine on the pad using the hot wash cycle (60 °C) of your washing machine. As cats normally mark the same spot this may prevent your cat from urinating there again.

The microfiber used on the upper side, developed especially for high absorbency, takes in lots of liquid and distributes it quickly within its capillary structure. The special upper material is breathable, extremely quick-drying and allows for diffusion. Its thick, high pile is comfortable, soft and fluffy.

A fully watertight, yet very thin membrane on the underside prevents urine from seeping out underneath.

The piccobello incontinence mat for dogs is machine-washable at 60°C (hot cycle) and dryer-proof. Several mats fit easily into a washing machine.

The mats are also practical for traveling, as they are conveniently light and can be folded away small.

To maintain high absorbency and watertightness in the long term, please do not iron or use fabric softeners or chlorine detergents.

  • Extremely absorbent, quick drying
  • Pleasantly light and fluffy
  • Protects beds and baskets
  • Washable hot cycle at 60°C, dryer-proof
  • Size: 100 x 70 cm / 40 x 27.5 inches