PIKOSCH - The Clean-Up Powder

Product number: 3110

The emergency aid for the quick and easy removal of odorous excretions such as vomit, urine or faeces. The Clean-Up Powder in can.

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PIKOSCH® - The Clean-Up Powder

The quick emergency aid to easily remove odorous excretions such as vomit, urine or faeces.

Worried about a little mishap? That’s not necessary anymore – we have tested PIKOSCH – the clean-up powder for you! Even for healthy dogs (and cats) it is not unusual to vomit from time to time. This is helpful for them to get rid of gras or other indigestible things they have eaten. When this happens at home it may be disgusting. And it might get even worse to clean up after diarrhoea. Simply scatter PIKOSCH – the clean-up powder on vomit, urine or faeces. Within a few minutes the problem can be brushed away and disposed of as domestic waste. The powder can absorb several times its own volume, does not stick or go lumpy and smells pleasant – simply great!

Easy to use: just scatter the powder – wait a few minutes – brush it away – that’s it!

  • covers the excretions (and saves you the disgusting sight)
  • smells pleasant and covers bad odours
  • absorbs thin liquids very quickly
  • can absorb several times its own volume
  • easily removable from surfaces without sticking
  • suitable for application on sensitive surfaces
  • free of color, bleach and disinfectant additives
  • can be simply disposed of as domestic waste
  • can, 375 g each